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A videogame on the NES. Two men would basically fight on the streets until one fell into a sewer and lost.
I'm an urban champion.
by Yester October 06, 2004
Lead singer for the Beach Boys. Song was made about him by the Barenaked Ladies.
I'm lying in bed, just like Brian Wilson did.
by Yester April 09, 2006
Bigger than an ordinary salad. Elaine in Seinfeld would often order it.
George: What's in the BIG salad?

Jerry: Big lettuce, big carrots, tomatoes like volleyballs.
by Yester April 09, 2006
A song by the great David Bowie.
I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years
Nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years, gold
by Yester January 03, 2006
The love child of Conan Obrien and Pineapple Pokopo.
He's Conan's and Pineapple Pokopo's son.
by Yester December 15, 2004
The lovable pink Nintendo character, that goes by the name of Kirby.
When Kirby sucks up air, he turns into a puffball
by Yester May 11, 2006
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