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The process of leaking a prototype device to generate buzz about a product you don't quite yet have ready for market to a friendly tech website who will promote the gizmo well before it's ready to go.
Gizmodo's finding of that Apple iPhone 4G months before it's released is clearly a case of protohype.
by Wolfie2k8 April 19, 2010
Rabid Linux/FOSS devotees who write posts on various tech sites trolling about how Linux and/or FOSS as being the best thing since sliced bread - usually in response to an article discussing other operating systems (Windows or OSX) and come off as being clueless nitwits.
The lintard posted that MySQL was better than MS SQL.
by Wolfie2k8 April 02, 2010
A large scale spam operation aimed at getting unsuspecting people's passwords to their online banking sites, eBay and PayPal accounts and other points of interest on the web. Usually involves an alarming email message informing the recipient that his account's been compromised or a security upgrade in in progress that contains a link to a fake web site that's been made to look like the real thing. The email insists that in order to keep your account active, you MUST click the link and log in - thus giving the people running the phishing expedition access to your account.
That phishing expedition seems to have worked, we got access to over 500 new accounts.
by Wolfie2k8 April 26, 2008
that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach followed by the urge to hurl when you're confronted with a situation that made you feel the same way in the past.
Seeing my ex with her new b/f gave me a nasty case of acid reflux flashback.

I got a case of Acid Reflux Flashback when the cop pulled up behind me and turned on his lights for the 3rd time this week.
by Wolfie2k8 April 03, 2008
A situation where bloggers jump on a particular story and work it to death, often making assumptions with facts not in evidence and often including heavy doses of FUD.
The technical bloggosphere had a nasty case of blogerrhea over the case of Psystar, assuming the company was a fraud.
by Wolfie2k8 April 29, 2008

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