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Someone who allows people to treat him/her like a doormat and walk all over him/her.

Invented by Gwen Stefani in her song "Hollaback girl" where she repeats she isnt a hollaback girl and clearly she means it.. she's the moneymaker.
"Bitch come here and lick my boots!"

"Fuck you! i aint no hollaback girl!!"
by Janan June 05, 2005
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Someone who is inferior, low class, has to "answer back" to people above them

Derived from Cheerleading:
The captain of the cheerleading team leads the others:
Captain: "Give me a "B"
Team: "B"

Given special meaning by Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl
"Go git me a beer, woman"
"Git it yerself, I ain't yer hollaback girl"
by MaryContrary August 21, 2005
This term can be used as an goodbye greeting or when ending a conversation or at the end of trying to prove a point.
Iight I'll see ya. Holla Back

Pronunciations may vary also, some southerners make it into a Holla Ba-Ache ie: How Khia talks
by Lisa Ceezy February 21, 2003
1. Get back in touch.

2. Respond to flirtatious actions.

See also holla back.
"Hollaback at me sometime."

"I ain't just gonna hollaback at you!"
by Wistful June 25, 2005
after a farewells been made you say this to the other person
yo peace dawg
aight man holla back
by 2pac amuru shakur November 25, 2003
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