Sock and awe.

See @_@
Person: Wow @.@

Person: @.@ ::speechless::
by Wistful June 25, 2005
symbol for either confusion, high / stoned-ness (aka tripping out) , or surprise.
1. whaa? @.@
2. a) woaa duude... i'm so high... @.@
2. b) LoOk At AlL ThE PrEtTy COLORS! @.@
3. ... @.@;
by meh August 03, 2004
Usaually the expression after eating a pizza after having good sloppy sex
MMM, this is good pizza . . . (@.@)
by Monkeygrease August 01, 2005
rolling eyes, commonly used after something really stupid happens, used in place of sarcasm

not to be confused with big eyes ( O.O )
hahaitzaustin: OMG! i just saw a squirrel!
iloveponies: @.@ (A.D.D)
by iloveponies April 04, 2009

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