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the most "cool" or the "best"
"man, that car is like the coolest thing I've ever seen!"
by Will L June 09, 2005
sarcastically commenting on something that is lame.
TAS1: "Check it out man; this is my new sign for cool (making a weird hand signal)"
TAS2: "Uhhh... that's great!"
by Will L June 09, 2005
A Taiwan slang swear phrase directly (literally) translated into English. Functions like "your momma's" or "fuck that."
"that guy freakin' ripped me off... her grandmother's bear!"
by Will L June 09, 2005
short for "good night"
AIM1: "it's almost 1am in the morning now I'm gonna go sleep"
AIM2: "aight... nitez!"
by Will L June 09, 2005
extremely hungry (merger of "fucking hungry").
Man I'm really fungry cuz I haven't eaten all day!
by Will L June 08, 2005
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