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6 definitions by Wigger

Not a bad game, kinda fun, just filled with complete idiots(usually). A game that I find fun
Counter-Strike: shouldn't have a chat/voice feature.
by wigger September 03, 2003
91 51
peckerwood or peckah wood is an afro american derogatory term for a poor white.Or redneck,honkie or cracker.
Look at that flat assed peckerwood bitch.
by wigger March 09, 2005
96 73
The politically correct way to call someone a wigger.
Political correctness is the indecorum of modern man.
by wigger April 22, 2005
16 17
Osama Bin Laden
Osizzie Bin Lizzie is one sick mo' fo'!
by wIGGER October 16, 2003
5 11
when a young black person attempts to act or portray, if you will, a caucasian person. see also uncle tom, or oreo.
"he walks around like a damn honky black"
by wigger October 07, 2003
10 21
Codeine; in its purest state, codeine is purple.
Homie the clown: Man, Imoan get me a gatorade bottle of dat purple stuff.

Homie the clone: Shit, muthafucka, you ain't got the dough fo a forty, let alone dat purple shit.
by wigger August 21, 2003
33 99