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White guy acting and speaking like an Afro-American.
Let's go see that Afro-Saxon Eminem perform tonight.
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
1) a person of African descent who enjoys things and situations that are not typically associated with persons of African descent

2) a person of African descent who is considered to "act White"
3) a person of African descent who has birth or other ties to England.

(the word is a play on the term "Anglo-Saxon").
"Upon seeing John's surprise at her knowledge of wines and hockey, Melissa explained that she was an afrosaxon. "
by afrosaxon July 18, 2008
A white person who acts black.

A wigger.
Max: "Yo, Dustin thinks he's a black mofo."

Ryan: "Yea. He's a real afro saxon."
by MaMiKo July 22, 2006
A person of African decent who also has a Caucasian European heritage.
Any number of the African Diaspora in the United States, Caribbean or Europe who are descendant from a somewhat mixed ancestry.
by Ed Thomas June 01, 2005
young white male that acts black
White girl 1: Why does he act like that.
White girl 2: I know he thinks he's one of them.
White girl 3: He jus another foolish Afro-Saxon
by April 14, 2007
The politically correct way to call someone a wigger.
Political correctness is the indecorum of modern man.
by wigger April 22, 2005
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