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9 definitions by Whackmaster

(psyche-el-berries) The word psyche (as in I fooled you) taken to the next level.
Guy 1: Did you catch any fish today?
Guy 2: No, we got skunked.
Guy 1: Really?
Guy 2: Psychelberries!!! (As he lifts two enormus salmon from an ice chest)
by Whackmaster October 22, 2007
the hardest fighting fish on the face of the earth.
there is no example of steelhead. once youve caught one you'll understand
by Whackmaster October 22, 2007
A contraction of "fixing to"
I'm finda get my drink on.
by Whackmaster December 13, 2007
The disagrement of the anwser to a previously asked question.
Aric: Is that duck banded?
Travis: No.
Aric: Fuck too, I see that shiney thing.
by Whackmaster October 17, 2007
A backlash in a fishing reel (especially a casting reel)
Dammit, I just got the worst asshole ever.
by Whackmaster November 29, 2007
A tom turkey with an exceptionally long beard
I shot a mack daddy longbeard last spring.
by Whackmaster November 28, 2007
A weak ass moustache that looks like a 17 year old has been trying to grow for three weeks, but only has a vague shadow. (commonly worn by country music star Brad Paisley)
I didn't have time to shave this morning so now I have a Brad Paisley moustache.
by Whackmaster November 30, 2007