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The way Toby Turner of Tobuscus on YouTube says the word "posted". He is often very vocal about it and says it in a serious but humorous fashion.
Toby: "Audience! A new video has been postificated!"
by WerewolfByDay March 18, 2011
A Who-liday is a holiday that refers to a day when there is a new Doctor Who episode on television; either on BBC One in the U.K. or BBC America in the U.S.
Ashley- Are you ready for tomorrow?
Michael- Why? What's tomorrow?
Ashley- There's a new Doctor Who on!!!
Michael- OH! I completely forgot that tomorrow is a Wholiday!!
by WerewolfByDay May 19, 2011
It's a shorten term for "Lesbian Radar", for those people who can't really tell if men are homosexual but can definitely tell when a woman is a lesbian.
Michael: "Yeah, I'd try something but she's a lesbian."

Nathan: "How could you possibly know that?"

Michael: "Believe me man, I just know, my lesbiandar is amazing."
by WerewolfByDay March 12, 2011
A shortened term for the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Now instead of saying "Hey, let's play some Call of Duty Black Ops", now you can say "Hey, let's play some COD Blops".. now that's much better.
by WerewolfByDay March 11, 2011
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