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Tobuscus is a famous-ish YouTuber, his real name is Toby Turner. He is a man of many channels: Tobuscus known for Literal Trailers and Cute Win Fail videos, tobyturner know for his Lazy Vlogs and TobyGames where he posts game commentaries.
Toby is a hillarious guy, peace out!
Person 1: Did you see Tobuscus's literal trailer for AC Brotherhood.
Person 2: Yeah it was so funny
by Sora no Otoshimono December 31, 2010
A somewhat famous YouTuber who is famous for his literal trailers and Facebook game commercials.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen Tobuscus?
Person 2: No, why?
Person 1: You have gotta see this hilarious video made by him!
by YouMayCallMeV August 18, 2010
Tobuscus, or Toby Turner in reality, is a famous youtuber known for his hilarious literal trailers, Facebook game commercials and quite funny vlogs.

However, his game playthroughs are incredibly unfunny and that 'Cute Win Fail' series is just pointless.
Did you see that literal trailer by Tobuscus? That was some funny shit!
by SenorHuevosBenedicto June 25, 2011
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