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A person, typically a child or a young teenager, who is a Republican (or otherwise conservative) just because their parents are. Usually has no real understanding of the issues, and must resort to yelling and logical fallacies to defend their parroted views.
Did you hear that tween support Bush's use of torture? Man, he's such a Republiclone.
by W@tcher January 15, 2006
The kind of involuntary sleep you experience when you're really tired and trying to stay awake in a monotonous situation, like a class lecture. One minute you're propping your head in your hand, trying to pay attention, when all of a sudden you're out -- at least until your elbow slips sideways or your head falls forward, jarring you back to attention. Caused by a consistent lack of sleep over several days. Often the cause of car accidents, when the driver nods off during long hauls.
Man, I had a really bad microsleep during trig yesterday. I couldn't stay awake for more than a minute or two.
by W@tcher January 09, 2006
A leader who uses a number of underhanded political techniques in order to gain power, including: warmongering, fear, censorship, propaganda, nationalism, xenophobia, hateful rhetoric, false logic, and blatant lies. Uses the blind, patriotic support of the people to institute a corrupt and oppressive government.
Some famous historical demagogues include Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Bush, Jr.
by W@tcher January 13, 2006
A long, heavily populated chain of cities on the East Coast of the United States. So-called because it stretches from Boston in the north to New York and down to Washington, DC.
The Bosnywash is always caught in one huge traffic jam.
by W@tcher January 18, 2006
A gay man or lesbian, usually closeted, who actively works against gay rights or supports politicians that do so. The Uncle Tom of homosexuality.

Named after megachurch leader Ted Haggard, who was infamously shown to have taken meth and received massages from a gay escort in private while denouncing the evils of homosexuality in public.
Notable Pastor Teds include Mary Cheney and reverend Haggard himself. Filthy hypocrites...
by W@tcher February 02, 2007

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