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A large church, usually with stadium seating and large projection screens all over the place. Usually, a megachurch will have a watered-down liturgy consisting mostly of large technological displays and spiritual ballads. There will typically be a sermon afterward with underdeveloped reasoning and theology. A megachurch usually focuses on what the attendee can get out of the experience, rather than what he can give to the experience.
"Man, Charlie has changed. All he does is spout out theological trash and tell us about books we should be buying about how to feel better about ourselves"
"Yea, he started going to that megachurch down the road"
by Cliff Whitty April 09, 2006
A very large church, which waters down Christianity through the use of psychology, patriotism, electronics, large televisions, audiovisual equipment, and fundraising. Unlike most Christian denominations, they often rely on "feeling good" as an alternative to following the commandments of Jesus Christ.
Megachurches are ruining Christianity.
by RedBlade7 March 30, 2008
A new term that is popping up as a result of churches buying out old stadiums and very large complexes to hold worship sermons. The first church to be named this was the Lakewood Church, who recently signed a 13 million dollar lease on the Compaq Center.
I'm insecure so i'm going down the the mega church to hang out with a bunch of other idiots so I can feel better about my life.
by epic aka the drizzle July 05, 2004
A band from Portland Oregon, with crazy sermon new age hippy spazzed out electro theatrics.
Düde megachurch is playing at holocene tonight!!
by booger74 April 11, 2009
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