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What a girl says to you when she'd rather be with an asshole who will use her, abuse her, and eventually break her heart, even though she knows that you would never do those things to her.

When a girl says to you, "let's just be friends", that's like your mom telling you, "the dog died, but you can still keep it if you want to."
You: I love you! :)
Wench: Let's just be friends..
You: Gee thanks, couldn't you have pushed me off a two-story building, or shot me? It would have hurt less. :(
by VonZippa May 30, 2005
A notion, mostly used by very shallow girls, which suggests that there's this mysterious attraction between two people that's out of anyone's control, and either "just happens" or "just doesn't happen". It's complete bullshit, and more specifically just a cop out to use when a superficial girl tries to pretend she isn't shallow by telling some guy "there's just no chemistry between us", as an excuse not to be together. What she's really saying is "I'm an ignorant bimbo too hung-up on superficial qualities, and I don't care how nice you are because you're not "hot" enough for me. I need someone more attractive, even if he is a complete and total asshole". Then they go around saying things like "Oh, woe is me, I don't know why I keep ending up with the wrong guys". Gee, I wonder why. Will they ever get a clue? Maybe, but it usually doesn't happen until the girl finally grows up, which is usually around the time she turns 40 or so and realizes the qualities in a person that REALLY matter.
I believe that chemistry plays a huge part in a relationship and if that isn't there, then it's just not meant to be.

-- just another bimbo
by VonZippa June 16, 2004
What a girl says to a guy "friend" when he tries to express feelings for her that go beyond friendship. When a girl has a guy "friend", this almost always means that he is interested in her, which is why he hangs out with her, but she almost always sees him strictly as a friend.
<Girl> You're a great guy, but I don't like you in that way.


<Girl> You're a great guy, and you have all the qualities in a guy I'm looking for, but I'm not going to be your girlfriend. I will, however, use you as a basis for comparison for all other guys who hit on me, but I'm going to be with someone who is far less nice, and who is probably an abusive alcoholic. Then, if he doesn't work out, I'll move on to another guy, but still not you. In fact, I will never be with you, but I will call you from time to time to complain about the guy that I am with.
by VonZippa June 08, 2005
When some girl/woman is already with some loser, and even though he's an asshole who brags behind her back about how many BJs and how much sex he gets from her, she still thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and may never know the difference because she's clueless and ignorant. She thinks she loves him, while the only thing the boyfriend is sure of, is how much he loves that pussy, and how he'll tell her whatever she wants to hear to ensure he keeps getting it. The girl/woman, of course, is totally oblivious to this. Meanwhile the guys in her life who truly care about her are left neglected and rejected because, for whatever unknown reason, girls/women are seemingly naturally attracted to assholes and pricks.
Why the hell are you hanging out with Mary? You know she's taken.
by VonZippa June 06, 2004
A woman, typically between the ages of 16 and 39, who wears makeup, owns a cell phone, weighs less than 150 lbs, and doesn't care how clueless her boyfriend is as long as he's "hot".
Hey, look at that bimbo over there... she would look so much better with my sperm dripping down her face.
by VonZippa June 02, 2004
The most ridiculous, pointless, and redundant adjective that has ever existed. More specifically, it's what a lot of uncreative and ignorant incorrigibles use in their personals ad when they can't think of something to say that actually has meaning to it. The definition of fun, is something that is a source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. Therefore, the fact that something fun is enjoyable or pleasurable is built-in to the very meaning of the word. Hence, it is completely redundant and illogical to say "fun-loving". How else is someone going to feel about fun? Fun-hating? The very notion is contradictory at best, and ludicrous at worst.
Oh my god! I'm such a fun-loving person! What an amazing revelation.

-- 90% of personals ads
by VonZippa June 17, 2004
A pop-culture junkie so obsessed with following society's norms that they lose all sense of their own personal identity and become just another zombie of society. Soc's are typically between the ages of 16 and 39 and exhibit any or all of the following characteristics: wears makeup (women), owns a cell phone, owns a laptop computer, weighs less than 150 lbs, drives an SUV, visits Starbucks frequently, and watches 'Friends'.
Hey dude, I'm bored... let's go uptown and go beat up some soc's.
by VonZippa June 02, 2004

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