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11 definitions by VoN

Also the name of a pharmacy
Hey lets go to the CVs pharmacy
by von January 24, 2005
A small clump of excrement.
Looks like a chicken nugget, only shitty brown
by Von March 22, 2003
1. A bodega of the nigular variety
2. A bodega that is nigtastic, niggeriffic, and altogether nigtacular
3. A place to nig.
4. An alternate chorus to "Too Much Information" by The Police
"Nigular Bodega, goin thru my brain / Nigular Bodega, drivin me insane"
by Von March 21, 2005
coolest biatch in town.
move out de way vonnies comin thru!
by von October 01, 2004
Bristol uk. to recieve something. to own.
'...can i get a bit of purchase on that reefa?'
by Von July 15, 2003
A fat mans tits.
Look at those man mammaries on that rotund looking fellow.
by Von March 21, 2003
A word used to describe a person, in any way, shape, or form.
" Man dat nigga is a mutha f***ing eoing "
by Von August 09, 2004