Top Definition
A small clump of excrement.
Looks like a chicken nugget, only shitty brown
by Von March 22, 2003
pieces of shit that have become entangled in the pubic/anus hair and hardened into "nuggets"
I went to hit Monishiqua from the back, but when I spread it, there were all these nasty poo nuggets all over the place...dirty bitch
by scarfman January 30, 2004
A small to medium round ball of phecal matter.
I was tryin to drop a big one, but instead i just shot out a couple of poo nuggets
by TJANN February 08, 2007
A small nuggety irritating person that looks they have not aged since they were 10.

'Hey Peter, look at that Poo Nugget'

'I hate that douche'

'I concur'
by swainal February 15, 2009
little tiny pooey scrawny budz
i went to score some stikky budz but was dissapointed when the stik was full of poo nuggets
by bensont July 02, 2006
stuff that comes out of your anus
i spread her legs, and she had poo nuggets all up in her pubes
by True to my Roots July 02, 2003
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