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adj: better than spock.
Wow, that guy is so Kirk it's unreal!
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
verb: to totally and utter desroy; in PC usage to "own".
Wow, you totally got Kirked in Maintenence Access!
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
noun: someone who's ass is on their face; someone who has asses on their face often; a fucktard.
WTF, this assface totally failed to drop the IP when he went Comm. Fucking fucktard.
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
Noun: Some one who totally does NOT know how to type.
<@{Co}Friek-out> who is gonna gfo grpahs fog r the game
<@LadyTigah> Friek.. Here's a thought. From now on, don't come on irc till you're sober enough to type. That, or stop faking, cuz it just makes you look bad.
by Vinirotundo April 01, 2003
adj: worse than Kirk in every way.
It's a shame that he's so Spock, he couldv'e amounted to something one day. Oh well, there's always Kirk.
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
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