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Wise Ass, A Donkey
Everyone thought Matt was being a hucksta for showing off.
by VD February 11, 2004
1. Aguy who claims he is from the usa but is really from saudi arabia.
2. one who has no neck.
3.One who is an expert at hiding because he is related to osama bin laden.
4.Hey man your doing it wrong man.
5. gets daily ass rappings from the great bentonious!
If u dont stop being a chenteleno im gonna kick your haji ass!
by vd December 07, 2004
People who like to lick others humans
That chick is a fudge doggy she loves looking for loose shit to chew on.
by VD February 12, 2004
the most emo man alive, his tears bring pain to nuns

'love me so i don't have to'
signine has revolted against the feeling of hate and transposed it to loving embrace
by VD November 11, 2004
A brooze that looks like a hickey.
I have a red brikkie on my arm.
by VD November 25, 2003
Bag (aka scrotum) + Vagina = Bagina

1. A term used to qualify man's penis when said man likes having things shoved into his urethra.

2. Also used to refer to the person (usually connotates that the person is gay).

If you're lucky enough, you can probably find a video about this (there is one around on StileProject under the name bagina5.mpeg).
"Holy shit! That guy got a dildo shoved up his urethra!"
"Fuck! He's been graced with a bagina!"

"You're a fucking bagina!"
by VD March 19, 2004

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