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45 definitions by Una Malachica

someone who has insufficient interest in his health; opposite of hypochondriac
Jim is such a hyperchondriac that he ignore all warning signs until he was really, really sick
by Una Malachica August 08, 2009
83 37
a small, often self-published, usually inexpensive, book; a collection of such items as poetry, family recipes, political thoughts.
The Poetry Society of America is offering two chapbook prizes.
by Una Malachica January 12, 2008
13 0
someone who keeps buying books to add to a stack of unread books
I have no more room for books on my shelves, but I keep buying new ones. I'm a bookaholic. Well, it's a fairly inexpensive, fairly harmless obsession.
by Una Malachica March 05, 2008
18 6
political belief in cutting government costs even if such cuts result in devastating harm.
We have E-Coli conservatism to thank for lead in children's toys, unsafe non-prescription drugs, and dangerous spinach.
by Una Malachica February 17, 2008
11 1
fear of good news; inability to share in someone else's happiness or to enjoy any happiness of one's own.
He's such a pessimist. He's suffering from euphobia.
by Una Malachica June 21, 2008
16 7
when you never have a good hair day
I keep hearing people talking about having a bad hair day. Well, I have a bad hair life
by Una Malachica March 23, 2008
9 1
A passionate female Obama supporter (Souce: Slate)
some women are going for Clinton, but I'm an Obamazan.
by Una Malachica February 15, 2008
16 8