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1 The act of an individual appearing as if he/she hasn't showered for days, ex: dirty nails, unbrushed teeth, oily hair, etc.

2 The act of wearing the same clothes for a period of days.

3 Raggedy-ass appearance

4 Fat and/or extremely plump; verging on obese
"There's this guy in my class, and he's hella soucy"

"Why are your teeth yellow, you're a freaking souce"
by Saltine Cracka February 27, 2008
1 Grimy, filthy place, litter-strewn, dirty decaying building.

2 Unkempt area

3 City eyesore, such as rubbish in the streets, graffiti etc
"This area's turned into a complete Souse, it stinks"

"Don't go into that back street, it's a souce"
by AlleyCat28 November 11, 2011

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