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One who smokes marijuana. Also know as a "pot head".
I just bough an ounce of purple kush last week and already smoked it all.

Damn man, you are turning into a huge twiddler.
by Twiddler7 February 03, 2011
A marijuana cigarette.
Let's go to dinner tonight.

Ok, I will roll a twiddle stick before we eat.
by twiddler7 February 03, 2011
the act of smoking marijuana
What do you want to do today?

Let's go ink our bodies and proceed to twiddle up.
by twiddler7 February 03, 2011
A really shitty place or situation that you want to leave as soon as possible. A highly unfavorable or inhospitable environment.
I just stepped in dog shit, I feel like I'm living in wigginsworld.

I've moved to wigginsworld for finals week.

It's supposed to rain everyday this week? I didnt realize we decided to vacation in wigginsworld.
by Twiddler7 June 18, 2011
Wack, weak or lame. Anything negative. Originated from wiggidy wack. Also Big Blacks hometown.
Let's leave this party, its straight wiggins.

This job sucks. I feel like I'm working in wiggins world.

Which one of you guys twisted this twiddle stick, it's straight wiggins.
by Twiddler7 June 18, 2011
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