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An exclamation of shock or surprise when you see something amazing.
*a girl is pegged to a clothesline by her nipples, spinning around*

by TwentyMayBeTwenty May 14, 2010
The opposite of Facebook stalking.

'Facebook haunting' is where someone you hate keeps appearing on your friends pages, posts comments on their statuses, and just basically is always visible.
"That dickhead Tristan keeps Facebook haunting me!!!"
by TwentyMayBeTwenty May 14, 2010
When you look back on an old crush, and realize that they were never attractive at all... you were just looking at them through sad, desperate "fatboy lenses".

It's like having beer goggles while being sober.
"Oh man, I ran into Jess the other day. She's so queer looking. I must have been looking at her through my fatboy lenses back at school"
by TwentyMayBeTwenty May 14, 2010
Originally referring to a specific joke (where a leaf has no money for a taxi), the term "leaf joke" now applies to any lame joke that you and your friends tell to outsiders, laugh at, and pretend is funny.

This results in a lot of confusion by the outsider, and they'll think they've missed the point... and typically laugh so they look like they "get it".
The Leaf Joke (ending):... and the dim sim said "No"


Outsider: (what??) Oh! Yeah! hahaha!!!
by TwentyMayBeTwenty May 14, 2010

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