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a pro wrestling move in which a wrestler puts his arm straight out to the side and knocks his opponent over, either from his own momentum or his opponents'
Hulk Hogan gave a wicked clothesline to the Macho man.
by Russell July 11, 2004
When someone charges at you, arm straight out to their side, and knocks you straight across the head. Can easily knock someone unconsciouss.
Hulusani: Damn, Nandi's bro clotheslined me...I didn't get up for hours, kaffir.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
Party game in which two teams have to make the longest line possible by taking off their own clothing and laying it out on the ground.
OK, guys, who's up for a game of clothesline? Boys v girls?
by Dogbyte May 09, 2008
when a female is getting a dick in the ass and sucking another
yea dude me a billy were clothes lining this girl lucy
by jpl JR December 05, 2004
hipster gossip
i heard on the grapevine that a certain *someone* has been giving *another certain someone* devil eyes.....
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
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