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Its the act of placeing hands upon a females breast and squeezing them for some nice action...a Boob Squeeze
Jim: Seriously, Jessica let him do that.

Mark: Yea she let him get a Boob Squeeze

Jim: Nicee
by TropicThunder19 June 29, 2009
Its a punishment where parents call Punishment-n-Ready Co. and they come and give you a Poopishment. They strap you down to your bed and release anal fluids such as a shart or poop on your face.
Did you hear Jimmy got caught trying to sneak out of his house last night?


Well his parents called Punishment-n-Ready and they ordered a Poopishment.

I feel so bad for Jimmy..
by TropicThunder19 June 30, 2009
Another word for a n00b but when saying "n00b boob" is refering to something that just happened with a bunch of n00bs.
Like if playing halo and everyone there is a n00b you say

"Wow everyone here is a n00b. This is such a n00b boob
by TropicThunder19 June 29, 2009
SCSC stands for the Special Citizens Slovak Club.

SCSC helps specailized citizens in America who are slovak and have none friends or cant speak English because they smell like crap have no friends and play tennis. They also use poop and pee charts to keep up with their anal fluids. All SCSC members have a sharting problem.

Veronika Petroskova - is a prime member of the SCSC
Look at the new kid. Why does she smell like crap?

We must take her to the SCSC!
by TropicThunder19 June 30, 2009
A Gironkeyphant is a mut mammal. Including a Giraffe, a Monkey, and an Elephant this mammal is found in Africa.

Well known to the tribe Yekidonk and the Munnis. This animal was used in the 23,000 B.C. for food and for carrying important needs. Sometimes the Yekidonks would sacrafice this animal to use its brain. This creatures brain had a certain goo in it called Iticky which was great for preserving dead bodies, fragil elements, and food. A wild Gironkeyphants fought Wooly Mammoths and ate them whole. Gironkeyphants digestive system allowed bones. Gironkeyphants also ate Siberian Tigers and Cougays know today as Cougers. Gironkeyphants lived for 200 years life-span. There species lived from 4 million years ago to 1 million year ago. Showing that this animal lived very shortly. A baby Gironkeyphant stood 7 feet tall. An average male Gironkeyphant stood an amazing 35 to 45 feet tall. This animal was a beast the animal kingdom consuming 1/2 ton of food and water a day.

The species is extinct now and there were no fossil remains of these animals. Only clues found was of meat found in various canivorous animals like Sabretooths. These animals were born domestic to humans yet they kill with ease and dominated the animals kingdom.
This is a cool fossil museum but I wish there was a fossil of a Gironkeyphant
by TropicThunder19 June 30, 2009
Originally a black mexican person living in Peru played a match of strip poker and basketball and xbox 360 and crapped on the toliet and drank a beer and farted at 70 mph in a chicks face and got a boob squeeze and ate 32 1/2 pizzas - he pwned so hard that he turned into an Albino Fish. Still being able to pwn this hard as a fish. A scientist named Phillip Albers gave him the name of an Albino PwnFish.

An Albino PwnFish lives in the coasts of South America, the Carribean, the Coasts of America including Alantic and Pacific and is the only creature to survive in the Dead Sea.

He Pwns so hard he lives in all these places at once.
"Holy Crap. Look its the legendary Albino PwnFish"
by TropicThunder19 June 29, 2009
To trash the four cards in a game of Kemps.
*Four un-used cards*

Dealer: "Alright, shit the bitch?"
by TropicThunder19 March 31, 2011
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