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Polish version of Veronica. The "K" is for good karma. Is in touch with reality and the nature of humanity on a ligher level than most, caring and creative, and extremely spontaneous and the most fun ever.
Man, you look down. What you need is a Veronika.
by sillybutterflycrystal July 10, 2008
a very sexy individual,that has a big heart,all out great person (Model status)
Wow your looking like a Veronika today
by itsBarbie February 03, 2010
Veronika is a sexy individual who always wins the boys. She is very smart too. Sometimes can be a bitch when you piss her off, in the end she will fuck you up.
Friend: ayooo bro look at that chick she must be like veronika

Me: damn bro i guess
by ThatCrazyChickVeronika December 23, 2011
Veronika is a russian name...and she is a slutty hoe.
me: veronika is koo
friend:and sexy
by wowthatscooooool December 29, 2011
When a girl tummy sticks out more than her booty.
Oh look at her she has a veronika.
by Honorarylove June 19, 2008