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A Gironkeyphant is a mut mammal. Including a Giraffe, a Monkey, and an Elephant this mammal is found in Africa.

Well known to the tribe Yekidonk and the Munnis. This animal was used in the 23,000 B.C. for food and for carrying important needs. Sometimes the Yekidonks would sacrafice this animal to use its brain. This creatures brain had a certain goo in it called Iticky which was great for preserving dead bodies, fragil elements, and food. A wild Gironkeyphants fought Wooly Mammoths and ate them whole. Gironkeyphants digestive system allowed bones. Gironkeyphants also ate Siberian Tigers and Cougays know today as Cougers. Gironkeyphants lived for 200 years life-span. There species lived from 4 million years ago to 1 million year ago. Showing that this animal lived very shortly. A baby Gironkeyphant stood 7 feet tall. An average male Gironkeyphant stood an amazing 35 to 45 feet tall. This animal was a beast the animal kingdom consuming 1/2 ton of food and water a day.

The species is extinct now and there were no fossil remains of these animals. Only clues found was of meat found in various canivorous animals like Sabretooths. These animals were born domestic to humans yet they kill with ease and dominated the animals kingdom.
This is a cool fossil museum but I wish there was a fossil of a Gironkeyphant
by TropicThunder19 June 30, 2009
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