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An extraordinarily introverted and most often antisocial individual whom perceives himself as intellectually superior to almost everyone that he comes in contact with. Often found without friends due to alienation and arrogance.
-- female. - Poltette
I went to subway the other night, but found the Poltar that worked there closed early so that he and his friends could play Dungeons and Dragons.
by Travonius August 28, 2005
A Moltar belonging to a specific 'Poltar' person group (See Poltar), but having the characteristic of possession of one or more Swivel-Style cellular phone carrying devices. To be classified as a true Swivel the Swivel must satisfy two necessary conditions: 1. it must be clipped on the exterior of a garment and not in a pocket or interior position, and readily accessible and visible. 2. The Swivel apparatus must always be perpendicular to the ground, regardless of the position of the carrier, this is also a diagnostic test which will determine if the Swivel joint is properly lubricated and/or positioned. Evidence as to the origin of the Swivel points towards the late 1990's.
"An accountant I knew had a cellular phone that he wore in a Swivel style phone case and it was always clipped on his jeans between his zipper and his pocket so that he could easily reach it if a client called. Others called him a Swivel Molt, and he was the most boring man I ever knew but damn if he didn't have a sweet lookin Swivel" -- Anonymous
by Travonius April 07, 2006
A Male, usually in his 20's, infatuated with looking good, following trends, and
being tan: resulting in his balls being tan as to achieve the full effect. It is not uncommon for the underlying Tan Ball to actually be unattractive while not primped, and to possess inferior genes and intellect.
Mike, the obvious Tan Ball, with frosted hair and earings, was tan in the middle of December.
by Travonius August 28, 2005

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