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An obese woman who corners you at a party full of pretty girls.
"Steve could be macking on any girl in here, if only he could escape that Death Star's tractor beam."


"It's too large to be a moon... Steve's with a Death Star."
by Total Penetration May 23, 2005
A phrase coined by an anonymous CEO who walked into a boardroom for a meeting to see every executive bowing their heads, operating their Blackberries.
The Blackberry prayer is a plea to God to abolish the damn things.
by Total Penetration June 03, 2005
semenal fluidl; cum; jizzum
"Peter North just pumped a pint of throat yogurt into that chick's mouth."


"Robbie likes to wrap up his workout by guzzling a cup of Korean throat yogurt."
by Total Penetration May 23, 2005
To be denied by a member of the opposite sex during the process of macking.
Damn, Pete just got stiff armed by that death star... how embarrassing for him.


Good thing Pete got stiff armed by that chick, because she's actually a dude. Pete, why are you upset about it?
by Total Penetration June 08, 2005
Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. The nickname is derived from the large gay population that lives in the neighborhood around the circle. A cultural center and destination for great dining and nightlife.
Yo, I was chilling at Dragonfly off the Fruit Loop.
by Total Penetration June 03, 2005
an orgasm; cumming; seeing god
"The Big O" with a woman has been elusive for Pete for many years.
by Total Penetration June 03, 2005
To be intoxicated on alcohol,drugs or both.
Dude, those ten shots got me all beat up.
by Total Penetration June 01, 2005
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