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A party or bar full of men when the opposite is desirable.
Pete: "I don't like the ratio at this party, and my chances are slim to begin with."
Bryan: "Yeah, it's a pirate ship. Let's bounce, but first I've got to get this girl's digits."
by Total Penetration June 01, 2005
Short Oxycontin 40 mg. Best taken by biting down on the pill to break the delayed release membrane. Contents may also be mixed with sterile water/ saline and injected.
Bryan loves oc40 with his coffee in the morning, even though he's completely recovered from his surgery.
by Total Penetration May 26, 2005
anus, sphincter, ballon knot, leather cheerio.
Robbie pulled a muscle in his neck while trying to watch the anal beads emerge from his brown zero.


Robbie relishes in the staccato of anal beads being ripped from his brown zero.


To celebrate the zero he got on his exam, Robbie lubed up his brown zero before inserting enormous Korean vegetables.
by Total Penetration May 26, 2005
The crazy teenage bike gangs that terrorize urban Japan. They organize "races" through downtown Tokyo often during high-traffic periods causing accidents, often fatal to themselves and others. The "race" is not really a race since the leader, who carries the flag of the gang, cannot be overtaken. The other participants, who may number in the dozens speed in and out of traffic in attempts to slow down motorist and distract the police. Bosozuko are thought of by mainstream Japanese as thugs, predecessors of their older yakuza brothers, who actively recruit from their ranks.
The bosozuko rider opened the throttle on his modified Ninja to accelerate through a red light at 120 miles per hour, only to be creamed by a delivery truck in the intersection.
by Total Penetration August 17, 2005
When a man bends over in front of his partner, grasps each ass cheek firmly, spreading them to expose his rectum. The resulting view resembles a baboon's red ass.
Whenever Pete watches the Discovery Channel, he can't help but think about the great baboon sex he had with Andrew while Ray watched.


Do and Pete fight often, but have baboon sex to make up.
by Total Penetration May 30, 2005
A secret, side addiction to heroin. Not fully developed because the addict is still functional.
I had a ten grand a week chippie, but went to work everyday, beeotch. Now that's hardcore.
by Total Penetration June 03, 2005
A jealous and possessive older sibling, from the scene where Tony murders his longtime friend Manny.
"I really wish I hadn't busted a nut in Robbie's sister's brown zero... now he wants to go scarface on me."


"Did you see the look on Dog's face when Ray kissed his sister? He's going scarface."
by Total Penetration May 23, 2005

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