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the idea that the worse you treat a girl, the more attached she'll become to you.
Johnny: I've been acting like kind of a dick to Melissa. I think I'm gonna start being a little nicer to her.

Mark: I don't know if that's a good idea, bro. Treat them like dirt and they stick like mud.
by TonyTheAnt December 15, 2006
syndrome that girls will develop if their father is way too over-protective and sets really strict rules. the girl will rebel and want to fuck any guy she sees in spite of her father.
Mark: Dude, I don't know if she'll have any interest in me.

Donny: Are you kidding me? That skank has "Hates Her Daddy Syndrome," she wants to fuck anything that moves.
by TonyTheAnt September 21, 2006
the act of acquiring something or trying to acquire something, drugs especially.
John: What are you up to, bro?

Phil: Shit, just looking to touch down on some OCs.
by TonyTheAnt October 02, 2006
another way of saying nap. a cute way of saying nap.
Donny: God, I'm super tired.

Cynthia: Awww, baby. Take a nip nap.
by TonyTheAnt October 31, 2006
when you could do one of two things: either face the consequences or put a gun to your head and snuff it.
Joey: What do you think I should do?

Frank: Well, you could either go to jail for 7 years and do your time or ride the bullet train.
by TonyTheAnt January 11, 2007
when you're on fire with whatever it is you're doing, but generally used for picking up women. it's basically a pimped out way of saying in the zone.
Mark: What up, playa? What you fit to do?

Antwan: Shit, I'm gonna hit the club and get some pussy tonight. I'm ridin' perk body zone.
Pete: Yo yo, what's good, G?

Johnny: You tell me. How you living?

Pete: Perk body zone, pimp.
Telly: These bitches be lovin' it every minute. They be lovin' my cologne, they call me perk body zone.
by TonyTheAnt November 16, 2006
another way of saying the number 23, used in instances whereas somebody might ask how old you are.
Frank: Happy birthday. How old are you now?

Mike: Jordan.
by TonyTheAnt November 02, 2006
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