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another way of saying nap. a cute way of saying nap.
Donny: God, I'm super tired.

Cynthia: Awww, baby. Take a nip nap.
by TonyTheAnt October 31, 2006
The act of taking a nap while resting your head on the bounteous bosoms of your girlfriend, wife, chick you met in line at the bank, etc., occasionally awakening to suck on those lovely nipples while murmuring "Mama." Usually post-coital, but need not be.
Trevor: Holy shit! Did you see the tits on that dame?

Steve: Man, I could use a nip nap.

Both: Mama!
by SizzT June 15, 2009
Nipples, the things on the top of tits
"Peter Berishaj licked my NipNaps all night"
by Kristi January 10, 2004
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