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Anyone who is obsessed with everything pertaining to poop.

Someone who's life revolves around poop: smelling it, eating it, touching it, rubbing it on themselves, talking about it, slipping it into conversation occasionally to get a laugh but secretly salivating over the idea of it.
Did you her John make that joke about poop. He must be a fecalpheliac.
by Timothy July 08, 2004
Synonymous with "the shitter"-the place in which you defecate, poop, shit, dump, fecal, expel excrement. The only place it is acceptable under social norms for a human being to do this act.
I'll just have to be late to school. Go on ahead without me I've got to hit up the defecation station. My brown is crowning.
by Timothy July 09, 2004
Basically any time you eat something your are completing step 1 in the shitting process.
I find it rather difficult to watch people eat for I know that to eat is to excrete!
by Timothy July 18, 2004
The passing of air out of the urethra of the penis during manual, oral, vaginal, or anal stimulation.
Hell no, what was that sound you did not just have a penis fart in my pussy. Did you?
by Timothy July 09, 2004
a rather opportune situation. a deal that has been sweetened. a surgary delight
Bobby: I just got a new car!
Tommy: Sweet Deal!
by Timothy March 10, 2004
Any woman who likes to take off her top while intoxicated in a Jacuzzi full of men and who passes out in the Jacuzzi shortly after.
I was such a jacuzzi floozie last night; why didn't you stop me from making a fool of myself.
by Timothy July 08, 2004
A person who dosen't say anything fake, gets all the ladies, and is always true to the streets.
Damn, Fabboi be getting all the bitches on our turf.
by timothy March 14, 2005

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