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-a combination of the words "mother" and "fucker" or more appropriately "motha" and "fucka". A word that can be used on any occassion, sometimes used to start off a long line of partial jibbirish.
"mofuka piece shit scadaba ricky j mocatipi mocananon"
"sup mofucka"
"best mofukan band ever"
"mofucka.....those are some big mofukan cannons"
by brianmofuka November 30, 2004
mother fucker but slanglike snoopdoggggggggg
that bitch be a mo fucker
by jesus christ June 29, 2003
Mo' Fucka is a shortened term for motherfucker. Simple as that. Most commonly used in ghetto places; by people who use exessive amounts of slang.
That stupid Mo' Fucka!
by Dani_09 August 13, 2006
a bastardization of "mother" and "f---er"..used by african american jiggas.
Word of my mofucka jigga dog!
by Timmah March 06, 2003
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