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Pervert's Row is the seating directly in front of (or around) the stage at a strip club. The view is incredible. It provides easy access to the stage itself, for stage diving or stripper interaction.
Pervert's Row was full so we had to sit at the back of the bar. I couldn't see a f*cking thing.
by Time4SumAksion February 13, 2005
Acronym for "No Fucking Around."
Dwayne: "Enough of this dilly-dallying. Let's get to the bar. NFA."
by Time4SumAksion November 26, 2004
Addicted cigarette smokers need regular smoke breaks each day to quell nic fits. See also: nicotene break.
Jack: Hey, John - wanna go for a smoke break...?

John: Sure.

Irritated co-worker: I think I should take up smoking. That way, I'd get a ten minute break from work every f*cking hour...!
by Time4SumAksion February 03, 2006
Short for "vacation."
Yes, just three more days until Vay-kay!! F*ckin' alright!
by Time4SumAksion December 23, 2005
Known as a Champagne Room in the States, a VIP Room is the back room in any Canadian strip club where you receive private dances from strippers. The dancers appear fully nude, and give a "full contact," or "interactive" VIP dance. (Twenty bucks a song.) The quality of the dance (i.e. how much the girl will let you "get away with") may vary. See Mileage.
Barbie talked me back into the VIP Room for a quick dance. Six songs later, and I was out $120 bucks.
by Time4SumAksion August 15, 2006
A large calibre hunting rifle.
Yo, man - that 30-30 packs a punch.
by Time4SumAksion April 04, 2005
The act of burping, and then blowing the exhaust in a specific direction, as you would cigarette smoke - with the intent of keeping the fumes away from someone. Often straight up, or to the side.
I did the Ol' Burp'n Blow, so you wouldn't smell it.
by Time4SumAksion May 09, 2005
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