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havin lots of friends, bein a mack daddy
Tiffany was pimpin them bitches at summer school.
by TIFFANY D June 28, 2004
something sad and loanly people so not understand. someone many disrespect. and someone to be feared. Someone to not make a mockery of.
God Is Love. One day every tounge will Confess, and one day every knee will bow. But still the greatest treasure remains for those who choose him now.
by Tiffany D June 21, 2005
The Son of God. The saviour of my soul. the way the truth and the light. The person that loves us all. even the people on here that are saying how much they hate him. He is the only true way to live. He is the only perfect thing to ever walk this on this earth and died a criminals death just so we can have the freedom we have today.
Jesus is the only way to live. The only answer to your problem. You will fall and look for love in other places but Jesus is th only way.
by Tiffany D June 21, 2005
A place to Worship God our father. Gods house. Where all his people gather to speak of his beautiful word.
In church The pastor Spoke of Jesus the Son of God.
by Tiffany D June 21, 2005
It comes from the movie Napoleon. and its pretty much a cool thing to say to a person that is obsessed with the computer. If you get online every day no matter what.. your kip. If you cant do anything else because you are so invloved with the computer.. your kip. If after you do what you needed to do on the computer but yet you stay on for hours surfing the web.. your kip. If you get on the computer to do homework and end up not doing it or it takes you hours because your chatting with babes.. your kip. If you found nothing wrong with anything I just said.... YOU ARE KIP.
Will you please stop being kip so I can talk to you without hearing you type your fingers at a 100 mph!?
by Tiffany D February 15, 2005

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