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1) Someone who suffers from nocturnal incontinence
2) A guy with a pathetically small todger
3) Aforementioned tiny member
1) "Oh look - Peewee pissed himself again"
2 + 3) "Put the peewee away, Peewee - I'm not surprised you can't satisfy your girlfriend!"
by tiddlywinks March 27, 2005
Japanese expression comparable to Canada's "Eh" and America's "Huh".

Often said by Japanese people: "Soo desu ne..." (Isn't it so?). But appropriated by gaikokujin (foreigners in Japan) for use in everyday English conversations.
Damn. That flight home is expensive, ne?
by tiddlywinks December 14, 2004
Standard reply to something agreeable or satisfactory
"Let's go and get wasted"
"Good call"
"I'm gonna get laid"
"Very good call"
"I'm gonna nail a whore"
"Hmmm...bad call"
by tiddlywinks March 27, 2005
this is when the partners are getting it on while the man is standing and the woman is straddling him with her legs wrapped around his waist. He then proceeds to viciously drive her to the ground on the back of her head and pound away.
by Tiddlywinks July 12, 2003
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