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Standard reply to something agreeable or satisfactory
"Let's go and get wasted"
"Good call"
"I'm gonna get laid"
"Very good call"
"I'm gonna nail a whore"
"Hmmm...bad call"
by tiddlywinks March 27, 2005
Used to agree with someone, specifically about something which shows the person's good taste in a surprising way.
Person1: So I just bought "Dulcinea"...
Person2: "Dulcinea"? Good call!
by The Grammar Nazi October 22, 2001
1)Making the wisest of the wise decisons to get out of a tough situation.

2)To make a completly rediculous decsion that ends up working out in your favour or the complete opposite, having the worse outcome possible.
Good Call you fuckin jagweed

or more entuisastic "GOOD CALL!....douchebag"
by Iron James January 24, 2004
A sarcastic phrase used when someone says something obvious or stupid.
Mikey:hey you got a haircut.
Tyler:Hey, good call asshole!
by Tyler March 26, 2005
Something the Elmville (and only elmville) kids say when someone offers a sarcastic, tasteless comeback in regards to a situation.
Randolph- snorts
Nigro - Stop snorting, Randolph!
Scoots T-hom - She can't help comes naturally to her family.
JennyKay - Good call, scott!
by Aisha-Rockelle December 07, 2003
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