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n. Someone of Small Stature or Size
aka Scott Cohen's nickname is Peewee due to his small size. Penis and Body
by Big Z March 29, 2003
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1) Someone who suffers from nocturnal incontinence
2) A guy with a pathetically small todger
3) Aforementioned tiny member
1) "Oh look - Peewee pissed himself again"
2 + 3) "Put the peewee away, Peewee - I'm not surprised you can't satisfy your girlfriend!"
by tiddlywinks March 27, 2005

The act of masturbating in public (mainly in a movie theater, but can be anywhere in public), getting caught, and, in turn, ruining your career.
Guy 1: Man, I'll never work in the preschool again!!
Guy 2: What happened?!?
Guy 1: Pee wee, nigga, pee wee.
by Dan March 24, 2004
The guy who got caught having too much fun in the theater.

Now the parent's hate him, even though they've probably whacked off before.
I bet you've thought about doing "it".
by Steve Ed. April 08, 2004
Young gangster
Those pee wees be shooting up shit down crenshaw
by OG October 07, 2003
Something that is small or not a big deal. The term derives from pee wee baseball, the league for the youngest age group.
Compared to heroin use, cigarette smoking is a pee wee addiction.
by RedBeard53 January 10, 2012
A super awesome dog who happens to be a Chihuahua.
Jerry: "Man, what is that?"

Me: "Are you blind? Thats's Pee Wee!"
by MrDoctorProffesor December 04, 2011

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