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Monday – Damn, Monday’s suck!
Tuesday – At least it’s not Monday!
Wednesday – The week is half over!
Thursday – Is it Friday yet?
Friday – Thank God it’s Friday!
Saturday – I did WHAT last night?
Sunday – Damn, tomorrow is Monday!
Use these definitions as you see fit.
by TheMan August 24, 2004
When you completely own someone at something.
I just hizzowned Joe in Halo.
by TheMan July 26, 2004
A very talented individual who does not stop owning. See l33t
Damn, that guy just pulled an iLLuZioNs!
by TheMan March 21, 2004
A big goofy guy who has read and memorized the dictionary yet still speaks with an incorrect southern style accent.
Wow, LandoAWD is 6'8" and goofy.
by TheMan January 04, 2005
verb. The act of shaking your ass, while sitting on the shitter, in order to get the last clinging turd to fall.
I had to do one hell of shitter shimmy to get that last turd to fall.
by TheMan February 01, 2008
Weighing in at over 300 pounds and unable to curl any more than a cornish hen he is a fat postwhore who was funny waaaaaaaay back in the day but no longer holds any form of funnay.
Aw4G63 is fat and not funny.
by TheMan April 21, 2005
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