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A sexual position, similar to the missionary position, for very plain looking people having very plain sex. Little to no movement is involved.

The female lies on her back with her knees slightly raised towards her mid section, with her arms by her sides. Lying alone, she resembles a pre-cooked cornish hen. The man then rests his slightly overweight body between her legs and patiently thrusts into her.
Troy: Gross. I think Lenny is in there giving Pearl the old fashioned cornish hen.

Zack: But I don't hear anything.

Troy: Exactly.
#sex #position #cooking #basting #average #plain #gross #non-sexual
by pantsman79 January 25, 2008
A person, whether male or female, who reacts with stereotypically teenage exurberance in regard to a trivial issue such as a person of the opposite sex or celebrity. Derived from the corny, clucking-like sounds such individuals make.
Don't pay any attention to the fans when you get off the tour bus, they're a bunch of cornish hens!
#corny #fan #eccentric #crazy #fanatic
by Sarepta May 02, 2006
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