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Pronounced Er-mer-Gurd.
A term used to convey surprise, shock, anxst, disgust or any other emotion regarding the unexpected.

It derived from the term Oh My God and has become used in the mockery of someone at fault.
Ermagherd bro, wtf was that!

You are such an asshole, ermagherd.

*friend knocks over bin*

"Hahaha dumbass, ermagherd."
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
Pronounced: Win-jin-pom

A slightly racist, but joking term used to describe people from the United Kingdom.
Founded in Australia and is used regularly to describe British tourists or anyone British that has anything even slightly negative to say.
Pom: "Its bleedin hot 'ere in Australia"

Aussie: "go back home you whingeing pom"
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
Pronounced: Fash-tag
The process of pointlessly using a hashtag on facebook even though it serves no real purpose.

Someone whom fashtags often could be reffered to as a fashtagger or dickhead.
Facebook friends status:
Omg, I had such a radical time at the partay, lols. So much funnsies. Gettin hammered wiv friends #yoloright

*thinks to self* freakin Fashtaggers...
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
Pronounced: Zom-bee-esk.
The delicate art of reflecting zombie like qualities whilst remaining completely (or partially) alive.
Wtf Dave, you are looking rather Zombiesque today, whats with the sagging eyeballs?

Nice shirt Lisa, looking a bit Zombiesque this evening, I like how you look like a corpse but you just flaunt it anyways.
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
Pronounced: Lol-tri-coold
When you laugh out loud so hard that a little bit of wee,pee or (urine) trickles down your leg.

Verb: Loltrickling
Noun: Loltrickle

Ermagherd, bro I just loltrickled all down my leg

Oh man you are soaked what a Loltrickle!
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
A word used to describe an excessively harsh comment.
"you are such a fat human"

"bro that was totes harshballs mahn"
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
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