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2 in the curtain, 1 for the hurtin'
2 in the front, 1 in the shunt
2 in the fun, 1 in the bun
2 going down, 1 in the brown
2 in the Red, 1 in the Shed(if that time of the month)
2 for the gish, 1 for the fish
2 in the gash, 1 in the stash
2 for the crack, 1 in the back
2 in the slit, 1 in the shit
2 for the taco, 1 for her Paco
2 in the door, 1 on the floor
2 in the door, 1 in the gore
2 for the friend, 1 in the end
2 in the cunt, 1 in the runt
2 for the moose, 1 in the caboose
2 for the beav, 1 up her sleeve
2 for the meat, 1 in her seat
2 in the flap, 1 in the crap
2 in the gear, 1 in the rear
2 for the pumper, 1 for the dumper
2 for the tube, 1 with some lube
2 in the cunt, 1 in the grunt
2 in the sock, 1 for the shock
2 in the junk, 1 in the trunk
2 in the girl, 1 in the swirl
2 in the skunk, 1 in the funk
2 in the zipper, 1 in the flipper
2 in the place, 1 in the ace
2 in the cootie, 1 in the booty
2 in the porn, 1 for the corn
2 for the push (gush), 1 for the tush
2 in the pink slot, 1 in the stink pot
2 in the juice, 1 in the caboose
2 in the poon, 1 on the moon
2 up the river, 1 to make you shiver
2 in the hinge, 1 makes you cringe
2 from the hand, 1 for the gland
2 for the stabbin, 1 for the cabin
2 in the muff, 1 in the stuff
2 in the play, 1 in the gay
2 in the chute, 1 in the poot
2 for her, 1 for me!! Gross!!
2 in the pocket, 1 in the chocolate
2 for the Kitty, 1 in the Shitty
2 in the cherry, 1 in the fairy
2 for the team, 1 in the steam

And finally,...One of my personal favorites:

That's all I got for now.....
Being at work is so fun...Hope a few of those mad you laugh...or dry...or barf.
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
A loser, poser, lame-ass.

One who talks the talk, but could never walk the walk.

One who talks shit and doesn't back it up, but rather ends up eating their shit in return.

A fuckin 'tard.
Bill: "Hey Bob, you're a big pussy!"
Bob: "oh yeah, well..(breaks Bill's face in half)...who's the fuckin' pussy now you fuckin Jabroni?!"

Damn Jabroni's, I'm always breaking my foot off in their asses!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
Also known as "Beef Curtains" b/c the "Camel Toe" looks like Roast Beef and hangs like curtains on either side of the pants seam.
Hey Billy, I didn't know what was for dinner until your mom walked in with those Beef Curtains!! MMMMM...They sure were tasty!!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
Also known as "Moose Knuckles".
My gosh Sally....I really like what you've done with your Moose Knuckles!! They look great!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
Sexual technique:
When a girl is sucking on your balls, and you tap the head of your cock on her forehead. Just like Woody Woodpecker Would.
"Dude, I gave my girl the old Woody WoodPecker last night! It was great, but I don't think she digs the bruise on her grill!"
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
Also see: Dirt Rooster

When a male wakes up his partner in the morning by ramming them in the rear with his cock and screaming "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Beyotch!"

Does not work so well on a sleeper with an unusually loose anus, in which case they will continue to sleep like a baby....well...a baby with a loose anus anyway.

Warning: Repeated use may invoke adverse reactions from sleeper; including but not limited to; a bat over the head followed by an emphatic "Cock-A-Doodle-Don't MuthaFucka!"
"That bitch kept hitting the snooze button, so I had to wake her up with the Alarm Cock!"
by The Hunter May 27, 2004
One who wakes up his girlfriend, wife, (or boyfriend, if you dig that kinda thang)in the morning by ramming his cock in her/his ass and screaming "Cock-A-Doodle-Do Beeyotch!!"
Very effective Alarm Cock method! Unless the victim has an extremely loose anus, in which case they will continue sleeping like a baby...well, a baby with a loose anus anyway.
Note: Repeated use may cause adverse reaction and a response of "Cockle-Doodle-Don't Beeyotch" and a bat over the head. For this, I take no responsibility, you Rooster the Dirt at your own risk!!!
I woke that lazy bitch up with the good old Dirt Rooster this morning!!
by The Hunter May 27, 2004

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