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Polish word for "butt".
"Maybe if you all didn't sit around on your doopa all day, you'd get things done!"
by Melissa December 16, 2003
Doopa in polish means "ass"
If you were in Poland; "Agnes has a giant doopa"
by Natalie August 28, 2003
Originated in cranbrook B.C. by a group of people only known as the fuckheads. The Doopa started out as a simple gesture of hitting someone straight on the forehead with an open hand (whilst yelling DOOPA) This led to full on Doopa wars throughout the year including multiple people while driving or in many other "arenas"

The doopa must be yelled with a distinct strained voice from the throat.
*Doopa on your Face!*
by Nate Jean July 11, 2004
The act of being able to Tap the ass of only the hottest chicks, while maintaining his great looks, and athletic ability
Doopa was late 4 homeroom, as he was gettin head in the bathroom from many at a time
by The 1 and only DOOPA August 12, 2003
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