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goodness. need I say more!? just look at my pen name for goodness sake! This one is a keeper. And it is really kosher. and funny, and smart, and action packed and...
...has kenshin, has kaoru, has sano, has yahiko (...ehhhh...anyway), has swords, has history, has culture, has class, has Hiko Seijirou XIII....you get the idea.
by The Hitokiri Battousai March 26, 2004
what is wrong with me! I forgot saitou! I must be becoming senile or something...
saitou is great! and he's pretty funny (in his own strange way)
by The Hitokiri Battousai March 26, 2004
a male deer. how is it that this definition isn't already in here!
a male deer.
by The Hitokiri Battousai April 03, 2004
some fellow I know
CAaARnes! What? My example is too short?
oh well. too bad
by The Hitokiri Battousai June 19, 2004
A bloody good political forum they got there...and of course there's role-playing and the coolest avatars on the planet! www.gaiaonline.com
ma name is Rey Carlos V
by The Hitokiri Battousai July 14, 2004
spear this stupid...thing. They have disgraced my majestic gundams! Die fools, die!
(shudders and walks away from TV)
by The Hitokiri Battousai March 26, 2004
My, both these defs seem rather unrealistic...
It's not that bad of a place, but you won't be going to heaven just if you go here. Truly, it is only a very average place. Okay for learning.
CA is an average place
by The Hitokiri Battousai June 25, 2004

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