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Another butchering of the Enlgish language by the illiterate. A street contraction meaning, "All right,"
"Would you say you're a stupid, mouth-breathing dink who uses street slang because he could never make it through remedial reading?"

To which the dumb-ass responds, "Aah-ite!"
by The Drizzle January 23, 2005
A sentence for a guy who decides to screw or is drunk enough to screw a fat chick.
Who, dude, are you gonna bang that fat beeyotch?

Fo' shizzle!

Then it's beefcurtains for you!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
A tobacco and marijuana mix, rolled like a joint or cigarette and smoked by the weakest of the weak: the drug addicts.
Only sissy drug addicts smoke spilffs!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
Another piece of retarded, backwards, street slang that is slowly helping to erode proper English usage, grammar and meaningful and intelligent communication.
"Gerunds? Subjects? Predicates? Civility? Intelligence? Nah, 'dat done broughten up to me and I not really care for it."
by The Drizzle February 03, 2005
A sweet piece of tail who is now legal.
Now I can spank-it to her pictures without fear of jail!
by The Drizzle January 23, 2005
A term for the uber right wing and religious wingnuts who think that their freedom is being oppresed because they can't run America as a theocracy.
Hey, Republicans, if you want a theocracy move your herpes infected asses to Iran!

Prime examples: George W. Bush, Sheriff Mac Holcomb, Dick cheney, Karl Rove, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Agape Press, James C. Dobson, etc
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
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