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A skank of the most extreme variety. Possessing the traits of a skank to the degree that all other skanks pale by comparison.
I can't believe Joey hooked up with that uberskank last night.
by Tim L. May 10, 2003
A nasty, disgusting ill temepred beeyotch who's bearded clam probably smell like skunk spray but you know better than to find out.
That Ann Coulter is such an UberSkank! Her whisker box is a REAL WMD!
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
A skank that thinks she isn't a skank because she's famous or wealthy.
Paris Hilton is an uberskank.
by Kari L McCormick March 13, 2004
a dirty slut (skank), with the German prefix "uber," literally meaning "over" - in the sense of "extreme," "superior."

suggests a skank so slutty, she is a veritable overlord of the general skank population.
Man, that chick's an uberskank - I wouldn't tag her with YOUR dick.
by Ogham September 23, 2005
A very slutty and or dirty girl.
Britney Spears is an Uberskank.
by SHakalAk January 22, 2004
A super skank you see at a bar every fucking time you go there. She acts like she knows everybody.... know what im sayin. She will talk to anyone with a dick just for attention. She may assume the indentity of one of your good friends in attempts to get free drinks!
Do you see that uber skank dancing naked on the bar AGAIN? Seriously what the fuck?

That uber skank took another one of my shots! BITCH

by Chillaxin January 24, 2008
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