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The "proper" name (mAnn Coulter) given to right-wing evangalist and media "whore" Ann Coulter. The reference to being a Man(n) is due to the fact that Ann Coulter has an unusually large adam's apple.

Other reasons include Coulter looking like a male transvestite with a blonde wig, and the fact that Ann Coulter has been quoted as saying, "I think women should be armed but should not be allowed to vote".

Also, many call her mAnn Coulter because many republican and conservative men think Ann Coulter is attractive provoking the belief that many conservative and republican men are closet homosexuals which is why they so often make homosexuality such a staunch and definitive political issue.
"Jesus, look at the size of Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple. She is so frickin hot dude."

"Firstly, it's mAnn Coulter. Secondly, you are gay."
by Reasoner August 27, 2006
A woman who looks like a man. Popularized by the right wing Nazi hatemonger, Ann Coulter.
That uberskank is a real Mann Coulter.
by The Drizzle January 25, 2005
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