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when your banging your woman so hard that your dick slips out of her pussy and it pokes her in the ass and you both yell SHIT because it hurt her ass and bent your cock
by Thad December 23, 2002
stink that builds up from under the scrotum due to bad personal hygiene
Joe Bob's sister won't give him a blow job because of the frumundacheese.
by Thad December 23, 2002
The act of smoking weed in a car while driving.
Yo dawg, lets take a ruff ryde and smoke this phat blunt!
by Thad February 17, 2004
a whole lotta something
there was a shit-ton of puss at that party
by Thad December 24, 2002
A Fat Fuck who enjoys eating gluttonous amounts of Boloney and Ketchup.
Kaleb is a Fat Fuck who likes to eat constantly.
by Thad December 02, 2004
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