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It's a mix between a lion and a tiger.
Deb: What're you drawing?
Napoleon: A liger
Deb: Whats a liger?
Napoleon: Its pretty much my favorie animal. Its a mix between a lion and a tiger, bred for its skills in magic.
by Tessa February 21, 2005
a girl thats doesn't moan or scream while having sex. Makes the guy do all the work
The sex was awful she was a dead lay it wore me out.
by Tessa March 16, 2003
another word for confusing
"stop it!! you're confusering me!!!"
by Tessa July 16, 2004
The act of one Lawree Kane jerkin' it for Paul Werkmeister.
Rick meisterbates every day.
by tessa March 28, 2003
my garage band king.
i love avrilsguitarist.
by tessa February 23, 2003
a bitch who listens to you gab and gab, and acts like your mother when she says she won't do that
"my therapist is s second mother to me...not good"
by Tessa July 16, 2004
pinky finger of either hand
I'm so mad I could just shake my wanus at you!
by Tessa October 07, 2003
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