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an excessevily boyant boy who shaves his legs and wears gold hot pants
Declan is excessively boyant he looks like a kylie manoge clone
by mountainbikeman March 02, 2008
a person who has a brilliant personality and full of confidence. Absolutely gorgeous and more than likely someone who is definitely perfect and amazing.
"Random" - Hi, what's your name?
"Declan" - Declan ... ?
"Random" - You are really hot..
"Declan" - Yeah so a few have said!
by girl2812 June 26, 2009
A guy who does stuff.
Check out that Declan guy thats doing that stuff.
by Michael April 22, 2004
The sweetest most amazing guy I have ever met, completely breathe taking. Honest and pure and very respectful. Has a great sense of humour and never tries too hard is true to who he is. Declan is one of a kind and someone who will always make you smile no matter what.
The type of guy who will pull out your chair. Declan is epic!
by rugbygirl September 15, 2012
A very sporty guy who is usually very tall and attractive. Usually mixed nationalities and love hanging out with his friends. Declan is very outgoing to his friends but is shy to unfamiliar people. He is not at all self- conscious and loves helping other people.
That guy is such a Declan.
by Becky123345456782 September 18, 2013
A metrosexual. Sometimes appears sparkly, but not in a Twilight-vampire-type fashion. Is always at least 13 under par when playing Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour. Has priceless fun when playing Sims 2 and makes all characters lesbians. Has a gorgeous face that makes you want to throw your chemistry books on the floor and eat his face. Has the cutest dinosaur 'rawr' in the world.

Person A: Why has that girl just swept her entire Chemistry table contents onto the floor?
Person B: She's just seen Declan.
by gojoe1 July 09, 2010
A rainbow flying spartan ninja who you should feel very proud if you defeat at anything (like Mario Kart, the spelling bee, etc) and is way easier to fall for than you thought he'd be.
I beat Declan at Mario Kart Friday.

HOOOLLLYYY SHITTT!!!! You must be amazing
by Koopa_Troopa_ January 09, 2013