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A square mile sized town in Middlesex county, NJ. Sometimes referred to as D-Block or 'Nellen. Bordered by Piscataway and Plainfield.
Dunellen was settled in the 1800's when the train stopped here; at this time Dunellen was hailed as a NICE town, but is now reduced to homes surrounding a sobering downtown where new small businesses are lucky to stay in business for more than 2 years.
The public schools are riddled with corruption (like buying an apartment for a high school football player to keep him on the football team) and the teachers don't teach. Some families in Dunellen have financial problems but few are actually under the poverty line.
Among the kids, drinking is more prevalent than smoking pot.
It isn't ghetto by far, but shootings, heroin, and prostitution are just a few miles away in Plainfield.
Crime from Plainfield is coming into Dunellen; the occasional robbery of a small store and rare shootings do happen here.
The only thing which Dunellen has to claim is that the first Quik Chek was established here.
There isn't much to do besides eat and walk around.
The Dunellen police, bored in a small town, take every call they get seriously, which is annoying.
In total the town isn't too bad; it just looks like a shit hole.
84.9% White-10% Hispanic-4% Black-2% Asian-.01% other (Pacific Islander, Native American, etc.)
Dunellen is a mile square town in New Jersey where there is very little to do but smoke pot and drink. And then go eat downtown.
by 'Nellen January 27, 2011
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